official TikTok Sound Partner

After the big news of our acquisition by Songtradr earlier this year, we have another massive announcement for you: MassiveMusic is now an official sound partner for brands on TikTok.

The rumours are true: MassiveMusic is an official TikTok for Business Sound Partner.

By combining craftsmanship and creativity with a data-driven approach to music and sound, we at MassiveMusic have been helping our clients navigate the fast-paced universe of TikTok through impactful bespoke soundtracks that stand out from the crowd.

Through our partnership, we have exclusive access to insights, content performance data as well as upcoming platform features and innovations, which we can use to develop your TikTok music strategy with marketing effectiveness as our main goal.

Don't Make Ads... Make TikToks!

TikTok is an entertainment platform made for people, not brands, but you can still humanise yours and make it count. Want to join the party? Focus on delivering distinctive value to your audience through the power of music & sound.

We’re experts in providing branded soundtracks that empower TikTok users and communities to express themselves in fun and innovative ways and to connect with each other — and you. That’s how you can create value that will translate into the awareness, recall, affinity and trust that your brand craves.

Here's a sneak peek of our work

“Show me the good stuff”, we hear you say.
Check out our work for Shiseido and Lancôme to see (and hear) how we strategically designed and executed their latest TikTok campaigns.

Want to work together? Here's what we offer:

Want to know more about TikTok strategy and trends?

Read this interview with Joe Belliotti, CEO of MassiveMusic North America.