official TikTok Sound Partner

With a proven track record of helping brands and agencies develop successful TikTok activations, we’re massively proud to announce that we are now an Official TikTok Sound Partner.

TikTok – Time is ticking away... Are you missing out?

Music is the soundtrack to every TikTok. Finding the right music and sound? It's as crucial as finding the right creative idea and talent. Here's what you get when you involve us early in the journey: as your creative partner, we'll give your campaign the edge it needs to stand out from the crowd while signalling your brand.

Thanks to our partnership, we have exclusive access to insights, best practices, and content performance data. But it doesn't stop here: by working with us, you'll be at the forefront of using upcoming platform features and innovations for your TikTok music strategy. The result? A massive wave of engagement and user-generated content with millions talking about (and dancing to) your brand.

Don't Make Ads... Make TikToks!

The first rule of the TikToksphere is: TikTok is an entertainment platform made for people, not brands. But the great thing is that you can still join the party and make it count. Want to take off on TikTok? We’ll help you find the right music to get noticed and loved by the community, tailored to your brand and campaign objectives.

Need a bespoke track to make your brand part of the conversation? We create some damn good ownable music that helps you stand out – and all this while bringing attention to your brand. Want to take a trending track to the next level? We can help you licence it or re-imagine it with a creative re-record. Whether it's a remix that your audience can't get enough of or high-quality catalogue tracks for your always-on content strategy, we deliver the ring-ding-dongs that will keep their heads ringing.

Here's a sneak peek of our work

“Show me the good stuff”, we hear you say.
Check out our work for Shiseido and Lancôme to see (and hear) how we strategically designed and executed their latest TikTok campaigns.

Want to work together? Here's what we offer:

Want to know more about TikTok strategy and trends?

Read this interview with Joe Belliotti, CEO of MassiveMusic North America.